Friday, August 20, 2010

A Whale of a Tale

I missed "The Explanation" earlier today, but after browsing an Arrowhead Pride thread that more or less liveblogged the show, it sounds like Jason Whitlock pretty much screwed the pooch.  And by pooch, I mean everyone that he used to work for.  The whole damn thing sounded like a cluster to begin with, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised Whitlock threw everyone but his momma under the bus.

I'm sure the Star will have zero reaction to his comments, but I'm looking forward to the Pitch's comments, hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brad's No-Cook CLIF Bar Substitute

In all seriousness, I should post something that isn't a humorous breakdown of my wife's writing.  How about this: here's the recipe for the greatest homemade CLIF-Bar inspired granola bar evar.  A tip o' the hat goes to the Enlightened Cooking blog, where I found the recipe I tweaked to my tastes.

What's great about this recipe is how flexible it is.  You can double it or mix and match ingredients as you like.  I've been known to halve the chocolate chips and add chocolate protein powder right before dumping it into the pan.  Next time I'm craving them, I'm going to replace the chocolate with dried cherries and maybe use walnuts instead of almonds.  Get the recipe after the jump.

Things I Cannot Endorse

In response to my wife's first post, here are a few things I just can't get behind:

  • Pictures of me in a flop sweat, making a funny face.
  • The word "cutsy." I'm pretty sure the word she's looking for is "cutesy" or even "cutesey." I believe the definition of the word "cutsy" is someone who has a tendency to cut himself, i.e., "Joe is so emo, he's gotten really cutsy lately."
  • The phrase "Chilax with the hubby!" No commentary needed.
I'll have more commentary if necessary.